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Coming Spring/Summer 2024!!!

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Pitch Wars Winner (2020)

Awkward, cautious Bell Scott accidentally gets roped into an election for the mayoralty she thought she'd win by default. Her opponent? Charismatic town darling Aron Winters, who's determined to use his charm to win her over. When Aron's campaign is sabotaged, they'll both have to decide what they'll sacrifice for their town - and each other. 


FINALIST, Tall Poppies/PopStars Competition, 2020. See my Awards page for other honors. 

(Formerly titled THE MAYOR OF BOREDOM)

Charm Cover Art.jpg

I may or may not have made my own cover art for this book...I love how Bell is frowning and probably expounding on some esoteric political topic, and Aron thinks this is the most delightful thing he's ever seen and/or heard! 

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